Interfaith and peace

Following September 11 2001, a historic document for establishing an interfaith dialogue committee between Al Azhar al-Sherif and the Anglican Communion was signed by the Grand Imam of Al Azhar, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Bishop of the Diocese of Egypt. Annual meetings take place each year, with the aim of furthering co-operation and understanding between Christianity and Islam.

Anglican Communion – Al Azhar Al Sherif Dialogue

Cover or not cover, that is the question.

Cover or not cover, that is what seems to be the question.

In 2018, the era of technology, great scientific achievements and useful research. Scientists are working on curing cancer, Alzheimer and Parkinson with CRISPR and other methods. While we invented the car of the future with auto pilot feature, walked on the moon almost fifty years ago and used DNA to solve criminal cases or determine ethnicity. Continue reading

Women and Sharia

Unfortunately, the misinterpretation of the holy scriptures in all religions creates laws that in many cases either favor men or are simply made by men. Out of a human natural feeling, whoever makes the law will make sure that the law fits the ego and the most comfortable social and political climate. For this reason, Muslim women feel that laws concerning, marriage, divorce, family homes, custody of their children, inheritance, polygamy and other family and social laws are very unfair to them. Continue reading