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Introducing the author:

Karima Hadj- Zoubir is a trilingual teacher in Massachusetts with a multi cultural background. The fact that she was raised with a Middle-Eastern/ Arab culture, a French culture and an Anglo-Saxon culture, opened her mind to a global vision of the world and different cultures, religions and philosophies with a humanitarian view. Her new book :“Islam and People of the Book”, shows how the monotheist religions have been hijacked to serve political purposes and an ideology of hate. The study shows that Islam is a continuation of Judaism and Christianity and it also emphasizes on the relation between Islam and the other monotheist religions and their shared beliefs.



Adonis influence on Arabic literature has been likened to that of T. S. Eliot in the English-speaking world. Yet alongside this spearheading of a modernist literary revolution, the secular Syrian-born poet is also renowned for his persistent and staunch attacks on despotism across the Arab world. 


american soldier

For six months in 2006, a charismatic young U.S. Army captain and Arab linguist named Travis Patriquin unleashed a diplomatic and cultural charm offensive upon the Sunni Arab sheiks of Anbar province, the heart of darkness of the Iraqi insurgency. He galvanized American support for the “Sunni Awakening,” the tribal revolt against Al Qaeda that spread through the province and eventually across Iraq, a turning point that led to dramatically lower levels of violence in the country.

The Awakening may not have succeeded without Patriquin, who was so beloved by Iraqis that they adopted him into their tribes and loved him as a brother. This is the true story of a man who loved Iraq, and a soldier who helped engineer the turning point of the Iraq War.moving mountain

It is the story of America’s T.E. Lawrence—Travis Patriquin.


moving mountain

The “Ground Zero Imam” delivers an open and honest clarion call inviting readers to a deeper understanding of the role of moderate Muslims in America and in the world, triggering an entirely new conversation about Islam.