1 . Ignorance is the source of bigotry , violence and every face of racism

The mosque across the street: A Christian community confronted to coexist with a Muslim community for the first time:

  Upstanders—The Mosque Across the Street

2. Bassem Youcef ( the Jon Stewart of Egypt) A voice of freedom for the Middle-East shows bigotry in the United States:  

Fusion: democracy-handbook-new-hate-economy:

The New Hate Economy • Democracy Handbook with Bassem Youssef Ep.6

The New Hate Economy • Democracy Handbook with Bassem Youssef Ep.6   

 3. Young talented boys and girls oppressed in Iran for their love of art and for being gifted in the name of an ideology of hate and ignorance: 

euronews cinema – French movie shines light on role of Muslims in the resistanc
(2.30 minutes)
Grand Paris Mosque saving Jews in WWII    ( A 7.41 minutes you tube clip)
5. A mix between immigration, knowledge, diversity and hard work: 
Learning a new language and culture opens new horizons for a bright student: 
Three of my AP students are accepted by Harvard University with a full scholarship and the daughter of the author of this article Katherine also my student is going to NYU. Clive is right hard work does open doors…
What immigrants can give our nation:
South High senior Kevin Adusei thinks big and wide
6. Message from the  Mayor of Worcester Mayor Joseph Petty to The Islamic Society of Greater Worcester: 
7. “You Belong” A message from a Texas man to the local mosque: 
8. Empathy and Action: Muslims and Jews united against racism and bigotry:
9.  Pope Francis invited by the Al Azhar religious authority Iman Ahmed AlTayeb  in Cairo sharing a message of peace and coexistence. A very moving example for the rest of the world. See NY Times article: