Cover or not cover, that is the question.

Cover or not cover, that is what seems to be the question.

In 2018, the era of technology, great scientific achievements and useful research. Scientists are working on curing cancer, Alzheimer and Parkinson with CRISPR and other methods. While we invented the car of the future with auto pilot feature, walked on the moon almost fifty years ago and used DNA to solve criminal cases or determine ethnicity. Continue reading

Women and Sharia

Unfortunately, the misinterpretation of the holy scriptures in all religions creates laws that in many cases either favor men or are simply made by men. Out of a human natural feeling, whoever makes the law will make sure that the law fits the ego and the most comfortable social and political climate. For this reason, Muslim women feel that laws concerning, marriage, divorce, family homes, custody of their children, inheritance, polygamy and other family and social laws are very unfair to them. Continue reading



Jerusalem is the most loved city in the world by the monotheists who all have a link with it and a reason to love it, but for the past three thousand years or more it has suffered so many wars and knew so many conflicts that it became also the most bloody environment the earth has seen and not always a happy place. It has been destroyed two times, besieged twenty three times, attached fifty-two times and captured forty-four times. It is sad but true; the battle for it is still going on, for thousands of years now. What is there in that piece of land that makes people kill and die for it? Definitely, a connection with God, the “local call” as they say. Every stone or handful of dust in Jerusalem has a religious history and a link to God through his numerous prophets who lived in Jerusalem or visited Jerusalem or died in Jerusalem. Continue reading