Jerusalem is the most loved city in the world by the monotheists who all have a link with it and a reason to love it, but for the past three thousand years or more it has suffered so many wars and knew so many conflicts that it became also the most bloody environment the earth has seen and not always a happy place. It has been destroyed two times, besieged twenty three times, attached fifty-two times and captured forty-four times. It is sad but true; the battle for it is still going on, for thousands of years now. What is there in that piece of land that makes people kill and die for it? Definitely, a connection with God, the “local call” as they say. Every stone or handful of dust in Jerusalem has a religious history and a link to God through his numerous prophets who lived in Jerusalem or visited Jerusalem or died in Jerusalem.

The problem people could not understand until today is that it was not meant by God to be the place of bloodshed it has been, but a city of peace and worship. I will not go through the historical details known to people or even the religious ones because I am not discussing or having doubt about any one of the three parts legitimacy and right to claim Jerusalem as their holy land or even discuss any one’s cause, but I mean to prove that the Holy City is meant to be for all monotheists and even non monotheists because it is the city of God he blessed for all mankind and monotheists have good reasons to share it in peace if they just follow their book.

For Muslims Jerusalem is the holy city that harbors the holy house “Beit El Makdis” quoted in the Quran and Hadith and seen as a holy religious place since the revelation in 610 CE. It is the place of El Isra , the night journey of Mohammed in 622 CE and the miiraj , his ascension to heaven during that holy night. It is also, the first direction of prayer for Muslims for sixteen years until it became Mecca. Muslims were using the same direction of prayer the Jews and Moses used and sharing a lot of Jewish traditions, some of them still in  the present time like the male circumcision, fasting, yearly sacrifice and others. When Omar conquered Jerusalem in 638 CE, he looked for the remains of Solomon’s temple and prayed where he found them because Muslims believe in all the prophets and consider a mosque, a church or a synagogue as a house of God and a place of prayer that can be used by the three religions. He could have prayed in any other place if the temple didn’t mean anything to him, but he did build a small temporary mosque on the ruins and had all the respect for the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Later in 691 CE Abdelmalek , the Omeyad king built The Dome of the Rock which according to Muslim scholars and based on Omar’s view was meant to be the third temple. Jerusalem became officially also a Muslim city and a Muslim shrine that attracted Muslim pilgrims after it attracted Jewish and Christian ones. It is very dear to Muslims and highly respected as the Holy Sanctuary or El Haram Al Sharif and the place where prophet Mohammed met the other prophets who preceded him and especially the place where the three religions meet.

Nobody can deny the attachment of the two other religions to Jerusalem and certainly not Islam or Muslims because it would be against the principles of Islam and the teaching of prophet Mohammed. Islam came as a fulfillment and a continuation of the two other religions and never against them. Monotheist religions are almost the same, worship the same God and are based on the same principles. Jews have thousands of years of history with Jerusalem, from Abraham to David to Moses, to the Maccabees and the Christians know it as the place where Jesus preached, died, was buried and ascended to heaven. Both Jews and Christians are for Muslims “The people of the Book” or “The ones who were given the scripture before you”. There is only one unique book of God transmitted to people through different prophets or messengers of God, which includes all the religions we know and embraces them with a deep respect. Jerusalem is the city of God where all the children of God are welcome and none of them can say it is mine and not the other’s because God is one and the message of God is one. Thinking that there could be a separation between the believers and what they believe in is pure ignorance and a evil will to spread hate and violence our world does not need.

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