What ignorance can do


We are witnessing incredible and unbelievable moments in our nation, all over the world and yet we are failing to admit the cause.

Why dictators last for decades?

Why, in democracies, do people vote to elect individuals who are not fit for the job and  do not stand for what the institution represents? 

In both dictatorships and democracies, the power shames and embarrasses the educated people. The main issue is that for different reasons, both regimes promote ignorance.

In dictatorships, an ignorant, clapping, and cheering crowd has fewer chances to upraise than an educated one. Ignorance is then maintained and promoted by the power. Education and schools are under control, the syllabuses are written and ordered by the power and the teachers have to follow these rules. Praising and chanting for the tyrant is taught since elementary schools and falsifying historical and political facts is an obligation for teachers. The level of instruction is kept at the lowest and the schools are unable to compete with any school in the free world. In many dictatorships education is for free, but since knowledge is corrupted not much of education remains in the no charge deal. If the students do not educate themselves out of schools by their own means, they will grow up to be good cheering, clapping, dictator lovers and melt into the ignorant masses. The dictator is then seen as the leader, the father, the saver, and the protector in spite of the inexistence of human rights,  freedom and  dignity. The power is accepted with the prisons, the camps, the torture, the corruption, the embezzlement and the injustice.

In a democracy where knowledge is not a right but an expensive privilege that the poor and the middle class cannot afford, the reasons are different, but the result is the same. Education is a lucrative business, not an asset for the country. Absence of learning, or too little of it, creates bigotry, racism, ignorance, violence, and lack of political maturity. The country produces generations of non-educated people who will not use their political rights properly due to their ignorance. The knowledge is not corrupted, the cult of personality is not encouraged or imposed, and the education is often the best that can be, unlike in totalitarian regimes, but yet, ignorance grows because education is just too expensive and out of reach of the regular people who are the majority.

A nation can never be built on lies, ignorance or despotism. Such a nation will fall, collapse, and fail reaching its goals of   freedom and civilization. History proved that every civilization vanished when it stopped promoting knowledge as its first priority.

In our country we are enjoying the blessing of  freedom, each citizen has the chance to use his or her vote to express themselves. Voting is a right that exists only in free countries, it is the most important right we have because it is the voice of the people and the future of the nation. We have to vote for our representatives and leaders based on knowledge, wisdom and our conscience in order to choose the right people we can be proud of, not embarrassed by or ashamed of.

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