Are Muslims in denial ?


We often hear Muslim men joking about Muslim women being abused as a form of denial and also Muslim women saying that they are free and not oppressed. Is there truth in these statements?

Sometimes yes, but most of the time the answer would be no or never.

It is true that Islam is a religion that gave women rights emphasized by the verses of the Quran and a whole chapter of the Quran is dedicated to women and women rights. Fourteen centuries ago, they had the right to manage their finances, to work, to own property, to vote, to divorce, rights that our modern world did not give women until the twentieth century.

Islam insists on the importance of knowledge and education, but in some areas of the Muslim world girls are still denied education and women are not allowed to work.

In Islam a marriage is not valid without the consent of the bride, but yet in the Muslim world, and in some cases, women are literally sold into marriages without their consent.

Domestic violence is so common that it is sadly irrelevant, and women have nowhere to complain about it, there is no law against it, or even understanding by her family or the society.

Since divorce is not an option because it is too much of a shame for the family, being physically, verbally, emotionally or very often financially abused is daily business.

Muslim men who go by the teaching of the Quran need to help by acting against women oppression and the rare Muslim women who are not oppressed and share the privilege of having a voice, should use it to speak up for the ones who are oppressed and help them instead of denying their suffering.

 In spite of the religion allowing women to have rights, the society takes away these God given rights in the name of tradition and men superiority and authority. The result can be catastrophic, devastating and even deadly.




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