Islam, Judaism and Christianity

The reality that appears to us when we read and do our own research is that there are many examples that show that Islam came as a fulfillment, a continuation of the two other monotheist religions not against them. Islam, did not call Jews and Christians infidels and certainly didn’t have as a duty to go to war against them or kill them. There is no holy war or crusade ordered by God against the People of the Book. The use of the word “The book” means that there is one unique book. Monotheist religions are almost the same, based on the same grounds, worship the same God and believe in the same concepts and principles. No matter what radicals and extremists say, there is no hate against the people of the book ordered by the Quran and they are not the enemies of Islam or Muslims. During the prophet’s time, the enemies of Islam were the pagans and Muslims were allowed by the Quran to defend themselves after they were attacked as a legitimate, self-defense principle and make peace when it is possible or accept it from them if they propose it. As it is explained in the Quran: Quran chapter 2, verses 190 to 195, chapter 9, verses 13 to 16, chapter 5, verse 32 and chapter 17, verse 33. Nowhere in the Quran, hate or killing are encouraged and the people of the book are certainly not the enemies. The radicals and extremists who call themselves Muslims as well as the extremist Christians and radical Jews want people to believe this false interpretation in order to spread hate. It is true that the radicals and extremists who say they are Muslims hate atheists, Christians, Jews and anyone who wants to live by state- of- the -art ideas, but have more hate for the Muslims, because they consider them as traitors and apostates who deserve to die. This explains why extremist groups kill more Muslims than anyone else.
The separation does not come from God or any of his prophets. No matter who is your prophet or the way you pray or where. In a mosque, a synagogue or a church, there is only one God. Muslims are known to be the followers of Abraham who is the father of all. Islam means submission to God, by which, being a follower of Abraham. The verses in the Quran that say that religion for God is Islam (the submission) (Quran 3:19) has been misinterpreted and misused because it certainly doesn’t mean that Christianity and Judaism are not religions for God, it actually includes them. Prophet Mohammed being himself a descendent of Abraham was following the religion of his ancestors. The Quran says:
“And his submission to God was enjoined by Abraham upon his sons and by Jacob saying : My sons God has chosen for you the true religion, die not except in the faith of submission” Quran chapter 2, verses 132, (2: 132). “When death approached Jacob he said to his sons: “Whom will you worship after me? They said we shall worship your God, the God of your fathers Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, One God and to him we submit.” Quran 2: 133 “Jacob said to his house hold and to all who were with him, get rid of the foreign gods which you have, then purify yourselves and put on fresh clothes.” Genesis 35:2.
“You shall not have no other gods before me.” Exodus 20:3 (The Ten Commandments)
“Submit then to God, stand up to the devil, and he will turn and run. Come close to God and he will draw close to you.” James 4:7
Humans have changed the rules of God into their own rules, even verses have been falsely interpreted and explained to people in order to separate them and make them enemies, while, Jews, Christians and Muslims have enough in common to be able to walk together in the path of God.
In order to justify their behavior toward non-Muslims, or moderate or secular Muslims or toward women, radical or fundamentalist Muslims, created hundreds of false hadiths and made the prophet say what he never said. Popular sayings, or proverbs have been attributed to prophet Mohammed and also called hadiths.
“Do not argue with the people of the book unless in the better way and say: we believe in what has been revealed to us and what has been revealed to you. Our God and yours is one and to him we have submitted.” Quran 29:46
Fundamentalists or extremists, have used this verse among others, to say that it means inviting them to convert to Islam, it is not true, since they are already monotheists and believe in the same God, which is the most logical way to understand it. Prophet Mohammed received the revelation in a part of the world where his people were pagans, in order to bring them back to Abraham’s religion. The fact that the Quran was communicated to him in Arabic is because it was meant for an audience that spoke Arabic, not because their language is superior or they were superior.
The Quran says:
“And we made this scripture easy in your tongue, only so that you may bear good tidings with it to the righteous and warn with it a hostile people” Quran 19:97
“Indeed we have revealed it as an Arabic Quran that you might understand” Quran 12:2
“And if we had made it a non-Arabic Quran, they would have said, “Why are its verses not explained in detail [in our language]? Is it a foreign [recitation] and an Arab [messenger]?” Say, “It is, for those who believe, a guidance and cure.” And those who do not believe – in their ears is deafness, and it is upon them blindness. Those are being called from a distant place”. Quran 41:44
“Surely we made it an Arabic Quran that you may understand” Quran 43:3
“And we did not send any messenger but with the language of his people, so that he might explain to them clearly; then God lets go astray whom he wills and guides whom he wills and he is the Mighty, the Wise” Quran 14:4
“And among his Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the variations in your languages and your colors: verily in that are signs for those who know” Quran 30:22

These verses are a proof that God wanted to invite the people of Arabia to go back to the religion of Abraham after they went astray from it and learned paganism from the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Sumerians and other people they knew and often visited and interacted with as merchants. Yes, the Quran is for all mankind as well as the Bible, but it doesn’t mean that it is an invitation to convert if you are already submitted to God. There is no proof in the Quran that says that prophet Mohammed came for all the people including the Jews and the Christians and they all have to follow him. If they do, would it mean that their religion is not valid, while the Quran calls them believers and the people of the book? All it takes is to read the Quran to understand and see clearly through the light of the scripture and the light of God:
“ We have revealed to you as we revealed to Noah and the Prophets after him, and we revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and the offspring of Jacob, and Jesus and Job, and Jonah, and Aaron and Solomon, and we gave to David Psalms.” Quran 4-163

“ We believe in God and which has been sent down to us and that which has been sent down to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and to the Tribes and which has been given to Moses and Jesus and that which has been given to the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them and to him we have submitted.” Quran. (2:136).

“We revealed to the Messengers We have already told you of, and to the Messengers We have not told you of; and to Moses Allah spoke directly” Quran 4:164
“And we did certainly give Moses the Torah and followed up after him with messengers. And we gave Jesus, the son of Mary, clear proofs and supported him with the Holy Spirit”
Quran 2: 87
We have to notice the part that says “no distinction between any of them” thinking of the fundamentalist Muslims who claim that who is not a follower of prophet Mohammed is clearly an infidel and has to save himself from the flames of hell by becoming a Muslim. A theory often claimed by the Wahhabi way, and the Khomeini way. It is opening an open door since Jews and Christians are already believers and submitted to God as well as Muslims. Let’s not forget also that the Quran calls them believers.

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