Extremism can also be Jewish or Christian

History knows a lot of Jewish and Christian extremism too, that often led to violence and martyrdom or murder. There were conflicts between the Jewish Christians and the Jews who persecuted them in Judea, especially the Pharisees who didn’t believe in Jesus as the Messiah. Among them, even Saul before his conversion and becoming Paul. Also, between the Jewish Christians and the Gentiles, the conflict existed in spite of the preaching of Paul and Peter. The Jews and Christians in Rome didn’t show sympathy to each other and of course the killing of the Christians by Nero.

Even between Christians it hasn’t been peaceful, history recalls the massacre of five thousand Protestants in ST Bartholomew in 1572, the Puritans came to America to escape persecution for their faith in Britain and in England they still celebrate the fifth of November with bonfires and fire works in memory of the Catholic Guy Fawkes.

The Zarathushtrian, Shapur II ordered the massacre of one thousand five hundred Christians in Persia. More recently, the KKK didn’t only target African Americans, but also Jews, Catholics and other minorities. A group called “Concerned Christians” were deported from Israel in 1999, accused of planning attacks on holy sites in Jerusalem believing that their deaths would lead them to heaven. It seems familiar; the Muslim fundamentalists believe that they will go to heaven after committing crimes and killing innocents. For different reasons, claiming race and politics, during WWI, the Turkish government in 1915 committed a genocide against the Christian Armenian community that Mustapha Kemal Ataturk, later, called “A Shameful Act” and the Turkish government still does not recognize it as a genocide. Of course, the Holocaust is a big example of human disgrace committed by people calling themselves Christians against Jews. Apparently, nobody reads his book and people have the tendency to go by what other people call themselves not what they are for real. The extremists can call themselves Muslims but they are not, because their behavior is against Islam. We are the reflection of our actions, and religion is a way to act, walk and behave before it is a way to talk.

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